Staffing Firm Software
Accelerate your staffing and optimize candidate engagement in one consolidated Staffing Platform. A true end-to end solution for staffing firms that automates workflow across the entire span of the staffing process. Add our VMS technology platform to manage your own MSP program. From requisition to hire, and schedule to invoice. Make your move with Mobilize!

Vendor Management Solutions (VMS)

Healthcare VMS Software
Control contingent labor costs and manage the staffing process with StaffBridge VMS. Our vendor-neutral VMS technology platform drives efficiency, ensures full compliance, and provides essential visibility into the entire staffing process. Enhance staffing partner relationships, decrease time to fill and improve the quality of contingent staff with StaffBridge VMS!

Workforce Management Software

Manage core staff, float pool, and staffing partners all in one platform. StaffBridge Technology is the only SaaS system of its kind that seamlessly integrates scheduling, timekeeping, and credential management into a single system. Bridge the gap between you and your staff with a user-friendly Mobile App and optimize core and PRN staff utilization to increase employee engagement!

A Vendor-Neutral VMS Program.

  • Consolidate and Automate Invoicing

  • Simplify the Vendor Contract Process

  • Control Temporary Staffing Costs

  • Real-time Visibility into the Staffing Process

  • Manage Temp Staff, Float Pool, and Internal Staff in One Dashboard

  • Track Vendor Performance Metrics

  • Improve Vendor Partner Engagement

  • Streamline Vendor Staffing Process

  • Manage Agency Compliance

  • Increase Full Rates and Engagement with Mobile App

  • Reduce Risk of Staff with Expired Credentials

Mobile App & Cloud-Based Software

Schedule on the fly.

With the innovative StaffBridge Mobile App, employees can see their work schedule, promote availability for self-scheduling, and accept shifts based on what works best for them. We put the power in their hands, bridging the gap between you and your workforce to create an organization that is less focused on scheduling shifts and more focused on providing quality patient care.
Access Staff Anytime Anywhere
Mobile App for Internal, Float Pool and Agency drives communication with your entire workforce.
Instant communication and acceptance of shifts
Your workforce can view and accept available shifts directly on their mobile device.
Integrate Existing Timekeeping
Timekeeping functionality connects to schedule and integrates with current payroll software.



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