How to Recruit and Retain The Right Healthcare Talent

There is nothing worse than dealing with constant employee turnover.

Recent studies show the cost of replacing one registered nurse can be as high as $64,000. And that’s just the monetary cost. Poor employee retention dramatically decreases the quality of patient care and overall morale.

One way to combat high turnover and attract more talent is making employee engagement a priority. And there is a difference between engagement and satisfaction. Simple surveys gauging employee satisfaction and morale are not enough. Engaged employees drive patient care goals and can be the make or break points for facilities, so many healthcare leaders around the country are asking themselves, “how can I increase engagement with my staff?”

The first step is awareness. Spotting signs of poor employee engagement is easy if you know where to look. Things like unhealthy activities, a lack of initiative, and a general disinterest in learning new things are all signs of a disengaged workforce.

Correcting the problem won’t happen overnight, but a great place to start is communication. Rapid advancements in mobile applications make communicating with underutilized staff easier than ever. And giving your healthcare staff a voice in creating their schedules goes a long way in creating trust and increasing reliability.

The speed of your communication matters too.

By increasing the visibility and speed of your human resources department, you create a culture where employees are more likely to buy in to the goals of your facility.

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