Credential Management

As a healthcare provider, it is your responsibility to keep your patients safe. Many ways modern healthcare providers do this is through thorough employee hiring choices. Initial hiring processes include investigations into the education, experience, and overall qualifications of the healthcare professionals you are looking into employing. In this way, retaining qualified staff is a lot like updating software – it’s ultimately for the overall benefit of the system and for the safety of your patients.

A Paper Trail That Won’t Get Lost

In the past, it was easy to lose track of paper documents and physical credentials from healthcare employees. This was a security risk -- not only could healthcare organizations not guarantee the security of the personal information on these documents, but they couldn’t verify quickly enough that each employee was up-to-date on their credentials. We help our healthcare clients mitigate risk all around with a secure place to house and manage employee credentials and documentation. StaffBridge’s credential management system looks out for employers, employees, and the healthcare patients they serve with its intuitive and easy-to-use credential update programming.

The Benefits

For the benefit of your patients, your other employees, and the reputation of your healthcare organization, it is important to keep credentials for all your employees current. Rather than taking the extra time and money to update credentials manually, our credential management system will do the organizational work for you.

Readiness in the Case of Audit or Incident

Secure and Confidential Personal Upload and Storage

A Customized Reporting Suite and Analytics

Minimize Risk

Upload and Secure Compliance Credentials:
Limit the risk of scheduling employees with expired credentials.

Audi Ready:
Reduce time spent on reporting and preparing for audits.

Customized Reporting Suite and Analytics:
Track your facility with robust data collection and business cost analysis reports.

Streamline PBJ Reporting:
Harness real-time data to speed up your PBJ reporting process.

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