With hundreds of staff members, scheduling is often the most significant challenge that healthcare facilities face.

A poorly scheduled team leads to under engaged employees - which negatively impacts your organization's mission of quality patient care.

Avoiding this with StaffBridge Technology’s staffing solutions is easy.

Scheduling your entire workforce in one core platform allows managers and employees alike to maintain power over their own schedules ensuring the workplace adequately staffed for maximum patient care.


Easily create core schedules for internal staff with our intuitive and user-friendly platform. StaffBridge internal scheduling provides real-time data, an easy-to-use dashboard, and last-minute scheduling management.

StaffBridge provides immediate opportunity for cost savings by consolidating your workforce costs all in one system. Scheduling managers can identify open shifts at a glance and make educated decisions about overtime, float pool, and even agency usage to drive bottom-line savings.

Staff can access and accept schedules from the ease of their mobile phones, allowing last-minute changes to take place without putting a strain on the system. Best of all, scheduling information consolidated in one location means leadership can stay informed, too.



Wages and benefits together equal the highest percentage of spend in every organization. The imbalance between the need for, and availability of, highly qualified clinical staff makes identifying, hiring and retaining staff a key focus for Healthcare facilities. This challenge is compounded by lack of visibility into house wide workforce schedules in real-time, resulting in high overtime and agency spend creating a heavier burden on what are already low margins…not to mention overworked employees.

StaffBridge Technology is the only SaaS system of its kind that allows facilities to integrate scheduling seamlessly. This platform enables timekeeping and credential management for internal staff, float pool/part-time and agency resources from one platform. By consolidating scheduling, StaffBridge scheduling services reduce overtime costs, lower agency spending, and take the burden of scheduling off the primary workforce.

StaffBridge Technology provides visibility and access to real-time data and an intuitive dashboard where clients create core schedules for internal staff with the click of a button, manage last-minute changes and census levels per shift. We help our clients mitigate risk with a secure place to house employee credentials and documentation keeping them current and accessible. And, with the innovative StaffBridge Mobile App, employees can see their work schedule, promote availability for self-scheduling, and accept shifts based on what works best for them. We put the power in their hands, bridging the gap between the facility and their staff to create an organization that is less focused on covering shifts – and more focused on patient care.


Take the first step to maximize efficiency today.

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