The Perks of a Mobile App & Cloud-Based Software

From whiteboards to notecards to spreadsheets, and post-it notes, many approaches to scheduling have been applied to meet healthcare staffing needs. While these approaches might have worked on smaller workforces, the growing demand for highly qualified clinical staff requires a new approach to scheduling. This is part of what makes the cloud-based technology so important -- it allows for seamless integration of scheduling for your entire workforce across platforms so that everyone in the scheduling process is continually informed.

With the innovative StaffBridge Mobile App, employees can see their work schedule, promote availability for self-scheduling, and accept shifts based on what works best for them. We put the power in their hands, bridging the gap between you and your workforce to create an organization that is less focused on scheduling shifts and more focused on providing quality patient care.

How It Works

The software provides real-time data regarding gaps in the schedule, communicates open shifts to available and qualified staff in your database, and sends them notifications of open shift availability. The employee can accept the shift from anywhere. This allows for quick, last-minute shift coverage, if needed, and the system automatically lets leadership know who will be covering the shift.



Access Staff Anytime Anywhere

Mobile App for Internal, Float Pool and Agency drives communication with your entire workforce

Identify and Engage Underutilized Staff

Access a list of available staff and send automated alerts to all qualified employees.

Instant communication and acceptance of shifts

Your workforce can view and accept available shifts directly on their mobile device

Integrate Existing Timekeeping

Timekeeping functionality connects to schedule and integrates with current payroll software

Your staff will receive schedule notifications directly on their mobile device!

As you match available staff with open shifts, your employees receive mobile notifications allowing them to accept and view their schedules.

Additionally, StaffBridge enables staffing managers to schedule employees who are under-utilized, as well as those who have requested extra hours.

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